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ABYC Certified - Graduate Of Chapmans School Of Seamanship Survey

My name Is Mike, I am a veteran of the United States navy. I began my career as a Marine Engineer, (Engineman) for the navy in 1979. This is where my passion really began. During my time there, I acquired extensive knowledge of marine propulsion and associated systems.  I am now one of the last of the US Navy's wooden ship sailors. 

I have over 40+ years of experience in mechanical systems. I am highly skilled in all aspects, from ships to weed whips. As Chief Engineer, I have been crewing vessels, up to 150 Ton for the last 30+ years. 

I spent most of my career in Michigan but recently moved to Punta Guarda after retiring from Ford. During my time there, I was a Mechanical/Applications Engineer specializing in mobile equipment. With a hawkish attitude, I am diligent in every project I take on. I will leave no stone unturned. 

I am now serving the South Western Florida area. Please feel free to check me out on Social Media or drop me a line via email or phone. 

What I Offer

I will use all of my knowledge to generate an extensive and easy to read report based on CFR regulations and ABYC standards. All reports will be filed with confidence and privacy. With the flexibility to chose who views it. 

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